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Liberator Sex Shapes

Sex Ramps.Com offers a huge selection of sex shapes for enhanced pleasure in the bedroom! The Liberator Ramp is probably the most well known shape and the most popular too! The sexual position possibilities with the liberator ramp are virtually endless! No other shape provides the ergonomic health benefits, as well as the excitement! Add other shapes with the ramp to build your own sexual playground designed by you, for you!

The Liberator Ramp products are constructed of a soft supportive foam core with patented microfiber fabric that is soft on the skin and allows other shapes to cling for building unique combinations to fit you and your lovers needs! Even better, the velvety covers can be zipper removed and thrown in the washing machine for cleaning! Underneath the covers is a silky smooth nylon layer that cools and caresses. The nylon layer also acts as a waterproof barrier to accommodate lotions and other liquids.

The best part about the Liberator Sex Shapes is that they can be used by just about anyone! The sex shapes have benefits for all adults, young and old, small and large. For the older crowd the sex shapes can provide healthy ergonomics with support no pillow can match. As for the younger crowd, spice up your sex life by discovering new positions never thought possible before! For smaller people the shapes can raise you up to new heights, making sex easier and more enjoyable! Larger people can praise the Liberator shapes not only for the unique positioning, but for the support too!

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Sex FurnitureThe Sex Furniture at Sex Ramps.Com comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes all with the uncanny ability to make regular sex even more extraordinary! These dual purpose devices not only work great for sexual positioning but also work great as chic, modern furniture which won't look out of place in the home, dorm, loft, or apartment! The Liberator Sex Furniture is designed with the same quality materials as the sex shapes! The same patented microfiber fabric is used with the furniture so you can stack the furniture for your very own custom love escapes or combine with the Liberator Shapes for exotic positioning never thought possible!

There's nothing wrong with lovers exploring each other. The sex furnishing here at sex ramps provide the perfect opportunity to do just that. Maybe you're trying to strengthen an a existing relationship or spice up a new one - the Liberator Sex Furniture won't disappoint!